To my mother..

I know they say you only have one mom and to treat her right, but what about a mom who is selfish, and treats her first like a redheaded stepchild? What excuses could society have for that? My mother has never treated me like she shouldve. She was never there for me, she always bailed when I absolutely needed her the most. She always threw up the fact she wanted a boy and not me during every petty argument or any arguement period. A mom doesnt do that.

My mom lied and used me as a pawn in her moving scheme. Because shit hit the fan in Virginia she thought running away from her problems would work in Georgia. Well I hate to be the bearer of bad news but that’s not how this works. Your issues will always find you no matter how far or fast you run. My mom purposely lied to me for her own selfish gain. Pretended to care and wanted to “be closer to us” but really didn’t show when she showed up trying to blame everything on my fiancee. Nothings his fault. You decided to pack up one day and assume it was okay to live with us. Without consulting us or anything.

To my mother, if you ever read this, I think the way you treat me is bullshit. I think you lie about way too much. You have sticky fingers and need to keep your hands off my stuff. I think now you have wesley that you dont need me anymore and that yall baby that sorry piece of shit way too much. He needs his ass WHOOPED. But you dont instead you act like a dick when someone else corrects him because you wont. I think you also exposed yourself when rustys birthday rolled around and you knew it was but couldnt even be bothered to pick up the phone and call your grandson for his birthday. He was waiting to hear from you. You treated us like dog shit but you lived in our house, ran up our bills, used up our water, ate our food, broke a ton of shit, and everything else but you treat us like shit. Let’s not forget that you wont even watch your grandson because he was whining hes a toddler hes working on himself. What about your grown son who still acts like that? That’s right you dont do shit. You literally have lost me as a daughter because, I dont want to be anything fucking like you. I STILL try to be nice and talk to you but you blow me off and hit me with the single letter text. So that’s fine all that time you wasted lying to me really shows

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