Dear white privileged cheerleader,

You are a piece of human garbage. You can say you are “forever sorry” all you want but your actions speak louder than your words. Your reasoning for murdering such an innocent baby is complete bullshit. There are hundreds and hundreds of good couples looking to adopt a baby and instead of doing something that’s right for the baby you go and off her.

All because you didnt want to be a 18 year old single mother. Well news flash they make condoms and birth control for a reason. It really heats me up you literally only spent a week in jail then 3 months probation. Fuck you. You killed a baby you deserve to serve a life sentence in prison. And not like OITNB prison. Like one where your in fucking lock down 24/7.

Straight up you got off with a slap on the hand when you shouldve gotten so much worse of a sentence. What’s worse is you dont even show any remorse on your face or any of that. All you cared about was your image and your body image. Had no issue murdering your baby so you could have your “belly back”. I hope child protective services get involved if you ever have another child. You are not fit what so ever to have a child.

I really hope you rot in hell you waste of space. Skylar Richardson you do not deserve to walk free, and I seriously hope karma comes around and fucks you all the way up. I hope this not only ruins your image that you were so worried about but I hope it makes your life beyond difficult.


A pissed off citizen who thinks skylar deserves to rot.

Ps. You are the definition of white privilege.

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