To My Mother Part 2

Let me start by saying this everyone has a mother and they should cherish to their mother whether their mother truly cherishes them is upon that woman.

My mother never appreciated anything I ever done for she took advantage of me in my weakest moments. She used me for her own personal gain throughout the years.

When I was just 10 my father passed away and my mom knew that I had began receiving monthly money from social security, well something along those lines, and yet instead of using that money to help me or let me join in any school activities she spent it on herself and whatever else they needed.

Anytime I would ask my mom for just 5 or 10 bucks it would be a big issue because somehow the money would already be gone. I don’t feel like she ever truly love me, I feel like she did certain things just to kind of keep me happy so I wouldn’t just take off. There will be times I would ask her to drive me somewhere so i wouldnt be walking in dangerous areas, you know what she did.. she never came to pick me up instead she told me to walk back.

When I left and move back down to Georgia to be with my grandparents, she wouldn’t do the right thing about the money, instead she put up a fight about it. Only send me 200 out of it and that couldn’t really get us by. My grandparents were not only taking care of themselves with them being sick they also took care of me. So in return I started to cook and clean and do everything I could for them so they had it easy because they took care of me. When I look back at everything I feel like my dad’s parents raised me more than my mom ever did. my dad passed away when I was so young that he didn’t have a chance to really raise me.

Recently within this last year my mother used me as her pawn. So she RUN away from her problems, so she wouldn’t have to deal with them. They thought that we would just take care of them, but no that was never the agreement. They not only made us spend so much money in food but the bills went up a lot, stress was high, there was too much going on and couldn’t even enjoy life.

Before they even left she was talking shit, Didn’t think that I heard her. told my brother in law that she hate us because we’re stupid motherfuckers because, she wouldn’t get on to her kid because he was destroying my house and being a bully to my kid. I wasn’t gonna stand for that. Wesley would just push him down for no reason She destroyed my pool cover. she wouldn’t own up to her shit and her dog was tearing shit up as well. She didnt do a damn thing about them instead encourages them. Since they left she wouldnt talk to me instead talked MAD shit about us. But yet I’ve stayed being the bigger person.

Rustys birthday rolls around, does she call and wish him a happy birthday. My step dads birthday was 2 months later couldnt find his number because she blocked me off their phones. Convient huh? Then thanksgiving rolls around nothing along with christmas and new years. Nothing not a single peep.

So recently I did what was best for myself. She proved to me I was right all along. And I deleted her and blocked her from everything. And I’m treating it like a toxic relationship break up. I’ve even deleted pictures and videos of her. I will not be questioning myself why my mom doesn’t love me, I’m gonna be questioning how to make my son never feel that way.

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