Let’s talk about family but first let me start by saying, everyone’s parents or guardian has raised them differently. No person acts the same, and everyone had their own quirks. Quit being snooty we all know you do weird shit Karen.

Well recently my “family” decided to pack up everything after 20 something years of living in the same house on Dona Avenue and move to Georgia. Their excuse was ” because we wanted to be closer to you and the baby” but when in all reality they only did it to run from their problems expecting someone to take care of them. We were used as another pawn in their game.

When asked their reasons for moving, it was never a straight story in fact the subject would be changed and avoided at all costs. When asked to help out they did the bare minimum. Mind you they added 3 more adults another DESTRUCTIVE child and dog. That kept messing shit up or tearing it up. Did they get onto them? Nope in fact they coddled both the dog and child for messing shit up.. my lesson my family is fucking bullshit and will always treat me like an outsider. My mother got the son she always wanted. So I’ve washed my hands clean. My own mother has done nothing but drag us through the dirt since day 1.

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