Nights like these..

On nights like these I am glad i’m not home alone worrying over someone who was not worrying about me.

I got a chance at a real relationship. I normally would’ve messed up my relationship but pushing them away and hiding what I feel and just pick stupid fights. I was used to everyone giving up because I was unbearable. The man I was blessed with helped me communicate better, helped me grow, made dreams turn into realities. I have a damn good man.

2 years ago It wouldn’t have been the same story. It’s amazing how dramatically 2 years can make a difference .

Domestic violence needs to end.. Men and women need to get their shit together and quit taking their demons out on loved ones. Seek professional help, no ones judging you. Mental illness and anger issues are not a joking matter. They are serious. Dont be afraid to ask for help.

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